Internet Marketing Tips for a “Mom and Pop Business”

There are internet marketing opportunities for any business to communicate with their customers and would-be customers and build a successful business. For the small “mom and pop” business they have every bit of chance of success as the fortune 500 provided that they market properly. The key is to reach their existing customers for repeat business and to find new customers to come and try them out for the first time.

When creating this list the key criteria is that the internet marketing activity must be EASY to conduct, and EFFECTIVE in gaining new business:

  1. Coupons, offers, conversions - It is not enough to have an e-commerce website online. The Internet is high in competition and there are elements that are necessary to be present on the website in order to encourage prospective customers and keep interest in the site. These elements are specials and promotions. You will discover that a site that offers specials and promotions has a much higher conversion rate. This is one of the best Internet marketing tips available.

  2. Article Writing. Article writing is one of the greatest means of SEO and can bring a business great visibility. Article writing is designed so that keywords are targeted towards your audiences. You use the keywords that are popular among your targeted audience. A well constructive article with great information and interesting facts is what interests those seeking the information you are offering. And, what will lead the potential customer to you as they seek more information or the product or service itself. Another top of the list of the Internet marketing tips.

  3. Newsletters and Other contact-advertising. Newsletters and announcements are a method that is very helpful in the “mom and pop” business and are designed to alert customers and prospects when there are new products and promotions. They may also be used as a means to inform customers and prospects. SMS is just another version of this idea, as long as it's the most appropriate media to reach your audience

  4. Blogging. A “mom and pop” business is most often a community- which fits in nicely with blogging, as many bloggers become a community themselves. Blogging give the business a chance to increase their following and customer and prospect list. Then share the blog articles on social media to raise your profile!

Can you suggest others? If you were a mom & pop business owner and could only afford a few hours a week on internet marketing, what activities would be on the must-do list???


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